About Us

Stephanie Leibbrandt

Time to change offers short therapies to deal with specific issues.  The client is always in control and can choose the techniques and exercises that best suit their needs.  Examples of issues that can be covered are phobias, fear or anxiety over specific activities, low self-esteem, better working practices, sleep improvement and making sense of past traumas.

The therapies offered are based on thorough investigation and appropriate training to a high level, together with a long history of seeing the effective use of the techniques offered. Whatever the issue is, if Time to Change can’t help, we can definitely put you in touch with someone who can.

To begin with, you will attend a FREE 30 minute appointment to discuss your needs, take a history, define the issues and decide how you want to proceed.

"Imagine that you have an invisible thread in your hand and you will be holding it all your life. This thread is your lifeline. It leads you where you need to go for your greatest fulfillment, not where your mind, your fear, your expectations and your insecurity tell you to go...it guides you in unexpected ways- out of seeming uncertainty, there is hidden wisdom"

Deepak Chopra